Space Club Wins NASA 1st Prize

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Makua Lani’s new Space Club team, AeroSpace Meridian, won 1st Prize in their category in the NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest, besting two university high school teams from Beijing, China, which tied for 2nd Prize.

An estimated 10,000 students worldwide competed, the highest number ever, up from 6,674 last year. Participants originated from Romania, India, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Turkey, China, Columbia, Chile, Peru, Pakistan, Brazil, and Japan.

The MLCA team flew to Los Angeles to receive their award at the International Space Development Conference.  Featured speakers included Blue Origin’s and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, SpaceX’s Tom Mueller and renowned physicist Freeman Dyson.

MLCA AeroSpace Meridian competed for a presentation slot and were selected to present their project at the Moon Development session.  Their concept, the ASM Oculus, featured a lunar resource building.

The State of Hawaii Governor David Ige will be honoring the team with a Certificate of Special Recognition for their success.

Congratulations to the team and its guide Mr. Herrmann.

If you are interested in helping to fund their continued success please consider donating to the program at