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  • Come and Visit

    Come and Visit

    Makua Lani Christian Academy welcomes visitors to make an appointment to come and see our campus.  We will tour the school, visit classrooms, and be open and available to answer any questions you may have.  We can even make arrangements for your student come and buddy up with one of our students for the day in order to get a full campus, day-in-the-life experience.  Call us today at (808)329-4898

  • Students Navigate College Planning

    Students Navigate College Planning

    Our college counselor, Kim Dong, is passionate about matching students to the path that fits them academically and spiritually.  Read more about the navigation process here. 

Lower Campuses

Junior High Middle Ages Day

Junior High Middle Ages Day

Our 6th and 7th Graders finished learning about the Middle Ages.  The unit ended with a Celebration Day.  Sudents dressed in costume, made shields and swords, made castles from which to defend themselves, and played several middle ages games.  They jousted, used a catapult to fling water balloons, practiced their archery skills.  What a fun way to reinforce what had been learned!